How does the CPM machine work?

The CPM device passively moves the affected joint through the Range of Motion (ROM). It has been proven that moving the joint sooner after your surgery can speed your recovery and decrease the amount of pain. There are plenty of scientific literature proving the benefits/value of the CPM. One of the things that can cause the most pain is the accumulation of fluid inside the affected joint. The buildup of excess fluid puts extra pressure on your nerves and can also limit your range of motion by making the joint feel stiff. The CPM helps remove excess fluid from the joint and stimulates blood flow to the area. If your joint is less stiff and less painful, you are more likely to experience a positive outcome. Demand Motion, if your doctor doesn’t prescribe a CPM, don’t hesitate to discuss requesting one for your recovery.

Do I need a prescription to rent equipment?

Yes. You will need a prescription from your physician if you are renting or purchasing any equipment from TSI. The prescription is necessary regardless of if you are prepaying for the unit OR if you want us to bill the rental to your insurance. We can help you get the prescription if you want us to do so. If you have any questions, please contact our offices at (281) 922-5453.

How much do the rentals cost?

Prices vary based upon whether the item is a purchase or a rental. For specific rates or purchase prices, please contact us by phone to discuss your specific needs.

Will my health insurance cover the costs?

It depends on your specific insurance policy and the procedure that you are receiving. However, TSI has been providing patients equipment for over 18 years and we work with Medicare, Worker’s Compensation and commercial insurance companies. We have a good idea of what will or won’t be covered, but it is always a good idea to contact your insurance company and discuss your specific coverage with them directly. Once we receive a prescription from your physician, we will review the insurance coverage and attempt to gain an authorization if it is required.

Will Medicare pay for my equipment rental?

Medicare DOES cover CPM rental for total knee replacements and usually covers total knee revisions as well. The CPM therapy must start within 48 hours of your surgery and must have a prescription from your surgeon. You are able to use the CPM for up to 21 days following surgery.

What if I stop using the equipment early?

You are allowed to do so. The next question is usually, “Do I get a refund?” The simplest answer is no. However, there are some case where we will give partial refunds do to unforeseen documentable circumstances like surgery cancellations, changes in doctor’s orders, etc.

What happens if my machine doesn’t work?

We attempt to avoid this situation by having our Biomedical department thoroughly test and inspect every machine before it leaves our corporate headquarters. Unfortunately, machines do sometimes have issues. If your equipment seems to be malfunctioning, call one of our Patient Care Representatives at (281) 922-5453 and they will walk you through some trouble shooting measures. If the problem persists, we will replace the machine ASAP.