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DEMAND is sponsored by Therapeutic Solutions Inc. (TSI). We are dedicated to educating patients regarding the benefits of using a CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) machine following a Total Knee Replacement surgery. You deserve the best possible outcome from your surgery and EARLY MOTION is extremely important. A CPM machine (Continuous Passive Motion) is designed to gently move your knee joint after your return home from your surgery. CPM therapy is a proven way to jump start your ROAD TO RECOVERY!

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The Truth about Bundled Payments

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Medicare and CPM’s

Medicare and most insurance companies do pay for this machine on a rental basis for up to 21 days following your surgery. However, you need to begin the CPM therapy within 48 hours of your surgery. Specific coverages vary, but we can review your policy and help determine your coverage.

CPM machines have been prescribed by orthopedic surgeons for decades. This machine IS covered by Medicare and most major commercial insurance carriers as well. Therefore, you should talk with your surgeon about using this machine so that you can have the best chance of recovering as quickly and completely as possible.

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Clinical Studies

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Success of a stationary vs. ambulatory rehabilitation treatment of patients with a total knee replacement