The Truth about Bundled Payments

Make sure your covered CPM benefits are not rationed

You may be asking yourself, what are BUNDLED PAYMENTS? These BUNDLED PAYMENTS are a fairly new change by Medicare related to how Hospitals, Physicians, Home Health, and DME providers get paid for their particular services.

This can be a fairly confusing subject, but we will try to simplify this topic and focus primarily upon your CPM benefits. Over the past several years, Medicare has developed a “single-bundled payment” method for paying all of your medical providers in one combined payment. It gets complicated, but that payment is assigned to one specific provider, usually the hospital. Then the other providers such as your surgeon, anesthesiologist, home health, DME provider, etc. will get paid too. However, the receiver of the bundle payment might be able to receive more money when other costs are reduced. Interestingly, we have seen CPM orders dramatically decline following the inception of this Bundled- Payment method.

knee replacement therapy

We have been providing CPM services to patients following Total Knee Replacement surgery for over 20 years. The majority of patients from the 1980’s through the early 2000’s received an order for CPM care at home. We have treated thousands of patients over our 20+ years and have seen firsthand how well patient’s recover when they use CPM within a day or two of their surgery.

CPM for home-use following surgery IS STILL COVERED by Medicare (see policy below). However, with the inception of the Bundled Payment, we have seen many hospitals suggest to surgeons that CPM is not necessary. This has resulted in many surgeons to stop the use of CPM. This is YOUR Medicare benefit! You need to ask your surgeon if he will order CPM for your recovery. You paid into the Medicare system and should maximize your opportunity to recover as quickly and thoroughly as possible. This is a proven way to improve the early motion in your knee joint and you can request CPM.

If your surgeon refuses to order CPM, we can assist you with a list of outstanding surgeons in your area that would love to help you with your surgery and will order CPM. Please click the PHYSICIAN FINDER button and we can help you locate a surgeon near you. You deserve the best surgeon and the best opportunity to have a full recovery with ALL of your Medicare benefits.