Therapeutic Solutions Inc. (TSI) opened for business in the year 2000 with a mission of helping orthopedic patients recover after surgery or injury. Our owner has experienced firsthand what it takes to regain function following his own injured ACL surgery. That experience in High School and subsequent injuries to the same knee, as well as shoulder injuries, opened his eyes to the field of orthopedics and spurred a deep passion to learn what it takes to regain function and how to get on his own ROAD TO RECOVERY.

TSI has spent the last 20 years building a team dedicated to providing 1st class care for every patient, every visit! We specialize in post-operative orthopedic DME and work with surgeons, hospitals, and surgical centers throughout the Houston metropolitan area providing care for thousands of patients every year.

The original foundation of our company focused on Continuous Passive Motion (CPM). This machine helps to assist patients recovering from Total Knee Replacement surgery. CPM therapy immediately following surgery can dramatically help restore early motion in your knee joint. Early motion can help reduce swelling, which can reduce pain. It also can assist with the prevention of block clotting which can be very dangerous. Moving the knee joint early, within 1-2 days after surgery also helps your body to naturally begin the healing process. CPM is designed to be used at home within 1-2 days of your surgery. This CPM motion in partnership with your home exercises and physical therapy can greatly improve your ability to return to maximum functionality and recovery in a shorter time (refer to our CLINIC STUDIES tab on our website).

If you or someone you know is considering orthopedic surgery in the near future, we would love to be your choice for your DME (Durable Medical Equipment). In addition to CPM, we have many additional items available to assist with your recovery. This is our passion and our expertise! Let us help you jump-start your ROAD TO RECOVERY!

by developer February 24, 2021

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